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Looking For Custom Stockton Signs?

Everyone underestimates the importance of signs until they aren’t there. Can you imagine trying to navigate your way through Downtown Stockton if there weren’t any of the signs telling you which way is the “one” way? Or how about if all of the stop signs were missing from any road intersecting West Lane? Everything would be complete and utter chaos.

How about when you walk into a grocery or department store looking for a particular item. Normally you would look for the signs hanging above the different sections of the store to indicate which direction you need to go. If they were missing, you’d have to walk around aimlessly until you found what you were looking for. Sounds super-inconvenient, right?

Stockton Signs

Signs in Sacramento, CA are an important part of daily life. Whether they be traffic signs, street signs, storefront signs, or custom-shaped designs, California Traffic Safety is here to help. We specialize in making custom signs and traffic signs for a variety of uses. We understand their importance and what a difference they can make. We create a handful of different signs for traffic control, roadside construction, big events, or even just for decoration. All of our signs meet both state and federal regulations. 

We create:

  • Work zone signs
  • ADA signs
  • Traffic Control signs
  • Event signs
  • Banners

California Traffic Safety is a Stockton sign company that is licensed, certified, and bonded. When you’re in need of a sign, we are confident that we can meet your needs quickly and efficiently. 

Stockton Traffic Control Signs

Stockton Signs

In a place like Stockton, traffic control is incredibly important. If there is a lack of traffic control, or if someone doesn’t heed the signs, the consequences can be fatal. California Traffic Safety aims to protect people through our Stockton signs for traffic control. We value the safety of the drivers, workers, and pedestrians alike. Not only do our signs help protect people, but property as well. It also improves the efficiency of road construction and work zones, ensuring the job can get completed in a timely manner. Regulatory signs and warning signs are common needs from our customers. These are signs for anything that drivers or pedestrians going by might need to know such as road conditions, wildlife warnings, or merging lanes.

We produce ADA-compliant signs for an assortment of uses. All ADA signs in Stockton made by CTS are made to be highly visible to people who might suffer from impaired vision, and can be read by tactile touch. We make restroom signs, handicap parking signs, informational signs, and more. 

Work zone signs are imperative for creating a safe and functional work environment. We know your jobs are most likely on a time restriction. We have a large reserve of the most commonly used work zone signs in Stockton, that way you can get to work quickly. However, should you need something different, we can easily create a specialized sign designed to fit your needs. 

Stockton Sign Rentals

Not every project or company requires purchasing every single piece of traffic control equipment or signage. Sometimes businesses or events require just a single use of special traffic control or signs. That’s why we offer a huge variety of signage and equipment rentals for those times where you need it once, or maybe for just a short period of time. No matter the reason, we’ve got your back. Using our experience as licensed traffic control contractors, we will even help you plan out what you will need for your project. We want to make sure your work zones stay safe, efficient, and productive.

Stockton Signs

Does your project require roadside construction? Traffic cones and construction barriers are a great way to keep both your workers and passerby drivers safe. Will your project lead drivers on a detour down the road? Our portable solar-powered message boards are Caltrans approved. Let travelers know ahead of time so that they can plan accordingly, and keep traffic moving steadily. Are you fixing a bridge and need to move all traffic to one side? Temporary traffic lights might just be the key to completing your project successfully.

Whatever traffic control your project needs, chances are that we have it available for you to rent. For our customers who only need this equipment once in a blue moon, this rental program is the ideal way to go.

Why Traffic Control Signs in Stockton Are So Important

Nobody likes to be stuck in traffic. In California, it’s all too often an occurrence. But when you’re stuck in traffic the next time, it’s important to remember why it’s happening in the first place. Most jams in traffic in the Stockton area are due to road repairs, the widening of roads, and are designed to alleviate areas of recurring traffic congestion. More importantly, without traffic control, the temporary traffic jam that you’re in could be much worse. 

Drivers tend to get creative and try to take control of any situation that brings them discomfort. This usually leads to a vicious cycle of road rage, traffic accidents, and worsened traffic conditions. When you consider just how many people travel on California’s roads on a daily basis, and how deadly a 4,000-pound car can be, sitting in a traffic-controlled area becomes much more tolerable. 

Did you know that traffic control for roadside construction also saves fuel consumption and pollution? Think about it. Traffic control allows for a steadier pace for drivers. Without the constant stop-and-go that is so common for road construction. The relentless need to burst forward just to stop again consumes much more fuel than driving a steady speed. The more fuel that is burned, the more emissions are released into the air. 

Stockton Signs

So next time you see a controlled traffic area, just remember: traffic control helps to alleviate the issues that actually make traffic jams worse. It leads to fewer road rage incidents and accidents. It creates a safer environment for the construction workers and the drivers on the road. It’s saving you gas that you might otherwise be wasted in an area without traffic control. 

Custom Stockton Sign Design

We know things aren’t usually a “one size fits all”. That’s why we have a wide range of stencils on reserve so that we can get the signs you need to you quickly. If what you have in mind is entirely unique, we have a CNC routing machine that lets us create virtually any sign no matter how extraordinary. With this amazing machine, we aren’t limited to metal substrates either. We can create wood, acrylic, PVC, and foam core signs too! The possibilities are endless.