Traffic Service Factory Reps

traffic control contractors stocktonAs a MBE, DBE, and SBE certified firm, California Traffic Safety has been providing traffic control services in Sacramento, CA for years. We pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers what the “other guys” can’t. We are happy to provide all of our customers with traffic safety equipment for rent or purchase, our full service sign shop, and our traffic control systems. Another perk you’ll get when you buy from us? Wholesale prices! That’s right, since California Traffic Safety represents six major road construction material manufacturers, we are able to offer each and everyone of our customers huge discounts. Not only will you receive top quality construction and work zone equipment for your next project, but when you choose us you’ll be getting a staff with years of experience under their belts and good old fashioned service that you won’t find anywhere else. Find out more below about how you can reap the benefits by becoming our customer.

Road Construction Materials Manufacturers

Since we have been serving California’s motorists, roadway users, construction sites and more over the years, we have been specifically selected by six road construction materials manufacturers to provide products directly to the west coast’s barricade and traffic safety dealers and distributors, and you. We proudly represent six road construction companies and we also serve as the west coast’s distribution center for:

  • American Traffic Safety Materials
  • Bone Safety Sign
  • First In Safety
  • Plastic Safety Systems
  • US Legends
  • Signal Tech
  • Viz Pro

Traffic Control Services

equipment rental stocktonIn addition to providing products and equipment from these companies, we are always adding more state of the art devices to our store and online catalog all the time. We offer customizable signs and fabricated devices, road stencils, barricade and more. Whether you’re renting or buying, we are your one stop shop for wholesale traffic control services, some of the products we sell and rent to our customers include, but are not limited to:

  • Flagger Joe – This Caltrans approved and crash tested device was designed to increase flagger visibility, provide shade, and reduce flagger fatigue. A must have for increasing compliance with CAL-OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Guidelines. (Not available for rent)
  • Rumble Strips – Caltrans approved and required on all Caltrans Revised Standard Plan T13 operations where the speed limit posted is above 40 miles per hour. Depending on availability these can be rented for work zone projects.
  • Traffic Control Devices – Cones & Delineators, Channelizer Drums, Arrow Boards, Glue Down Channelizer,s Pavement Markers – Temporary and Permanent, Butyl Pads, Epoxy, Adhesives, Bituminous (Quick Sticks)
  • Portable Equipment – Portable Message Boards and Arrow Boards, Temporary Signals & Speed Trailers, Light Towers & Balloon Lights, Truck Mounted Arrow
  • Boards & Message Boards, Fleet Management Software – Jam Logic™

The Sign Shop

equipment rental stocktonAt our full service sign shop, your imagination is the only limit. Our onsite CNC router is able to design custom signs, custom street signs, flat cut letters, custom shapes, etc. We can also create work area and project signs, permanent regulatory and warning signs, as well as, custom signs and banners. Using our CNC router, wer are able to create all above the type of signs out of the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Sign Foam
  • ChemMetal

Stencil Services

equipment rental stocktonAt our sign shop we offer a variety of different stencils services to suit all of our customer’s needs. The road stencils we use at our sign shop are thermalized, thin aluminum sheets or polymer plastic sheets that can be cut into different styles, shapes, or sizes. When you use our stencil services, you’ll be gaining many advantage like:

  • Cheap and Easy – Our stencil services are cheap and easy to produce, so you can spend your money on the other things you need for your next project or work zone.
  • Order and Safety – Imagine roadways without roadway stencils? It would be hard to know even know if you were driving on the right side of the road in some areas. Especially in bad weather. Avoid accidents, use stencils.
  • Custom Designs – Not every project, work zone, or even roadway requires the same type of stencils. With our customizable designs, we know that you will be able to get your important message across to roadway users.

Your Traffic Control Service Factory Reps

We may have a slight advantage over the “other guys” when it comes to traffic control services in California. But it is because of this, that we are so adamant about giving our customers the best traffic control services and the surrounding areas. We know that our store can provide the best service over any other traffic safety control contractor, this side of the Mississippi. As a valued customer of California Traffic Safety, you are now a wholesale customer. You get the best products in the business as if you’re buying directly from the manufacturer.

No one else can offer you quality products at that much of a discount. In addition to being a regional and national representative of these companies, we also pride ourselves in taking care of our customers. That means we are there when you need us to answer any of your questions about your next upcoming project. We know that we are the right choice for you. Contact us today, to get your next work zone or project outfitted just the way you need and for the right price. We can’t wait to start helping you today.