Traffic Control Specialties

California Traffic Safety is dedicated to high quality traffic control products and services that will maximize the safety of road side construction projects, work zone projects, and other events requiring traffic control. We are a C-31 certified contractor, so you can count on us to keep your work zone running safely and efficiently.

Sign Shop

Our Sign Shop has a custom CNC router that allows us to create signs and get them out to you quickly. We can provide signs made out of a variety of different materials, including:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Sign Foam
  • ChemMetal

Some of the most common signs we provide for Stockton traffic control include:

  • ADA Signs: Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, we make sure that our signs are highly visible and easy to read. These signs can be read through tactile touch, as well as being comprised of material that creates a strong glare for those with vision impairments. We provide restroom signs, handicap parking and fine signs, informational and safety signs, and more.
  • Project Signs: We will create signs that clearly indicate what kind of project is going on, alerting pedestrians and drivers of up upcoming work zones.
  • Banners: If you have an event coming up, we can create the perfect banner. Whether it’s a concert, wedding, graduation, or anything else, we will make sure it has what you need.
  • Work Zone Signs: We will make sure you have the necessary work zone signs, directing the flow of traffic, and making sure everything runs safely and efficiently.

We have a number of commonly used signs on hand and ready to go, so we can get those out to you in no time. However, if you need more customized signs or banners with a specific message, or in a specific shape, we can do that as well. Our Sign Shop can provide virtually anything you need.


We provide a wide range of different stencils to fulfill any traffic control requirements, including:

These are important for maintaining traffic order in both private and public roads, driveways, and parking lots, and they provide a number of benefits, from organizing the flow of traffic to providing the visual cues people need for recognizing imminent driving situations.

Our custom aluminum thermoplastic stencils lay flat, making for easy application. They also include rolled edges to help contain overspray. These stencils perform very efficiently and clean up easily when the job is over.

Traffic Control

We provide different types of traffic control products and services for any type of project, including:

  • Flagger Joe: These help increase flagger visibility, as well as provide shade which helps keeps flaggers from becoming fatigued.
  • Rumble Strips: These alert drivers of when they are veering into areas in which traffic is forbidden.
  • Barricades: We provide a number of different barricades for any project designed of plastic, wood, or steel.

You can rely on our equipment to keep your work zone productive, efficient, and most importantly, safe.