Intelligent Queue Monitoring Systems

Are you looking for an effective way to inform motorists and/or pedestrians of upcoming traffic delays or scenarios? AT CTS, in Sacramento, CA, we offer intelligent work zone systems like queue monitoring systems, that effectively direct and inform motorists of upcoming work zones and the type of traffic they can expect to face. Our Intelligent Queue monitoring systems, are specifically designed for work zones and traffic areas that are subject to changing on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Instead of wasting money on purchasing out of date sign boards that will need to be changed that evening, invest your money into our intelligent work zone systems. Queue Monitoring is a reliable way to inform people of upcoming traffic or congestion issues they may face. Our cutting edge, “turnkey” systems offer state of the art technology, that is easy to use and understand. Our pre-programmed work zone systems are so easy to use! Simply position the Queue monitoring system at your specified locations and turn the sign to ON. Find out more information about the intelligent work zone systems we offer in the surrounding areas.


QMS 1000 Intelligent Queue Monitoring SystemsOur first model, is perfect if you only need one portable changeable message sign (PCMS) and one arrow board mounted to a trailer. Both the PCMS and the trailer mounted arrow board come equipped with a radar system and a modem.

Queue Monitoring Systems Available For Sale!

Queue Monitoring Systems Available For Sale!

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How Does It Work?

The QMS1000 is able to monitor any traffic that begins to approach an active work zone. Based upon the traffic’s behavior, the message board will then display preprogrammed messages to oncoming motorists. An example of this would be: When the portable message sign is placed about one to two miles upstream of the arrow board, will read or display a message like: ROAD WORK AHEAD. This message will read if traffic seems to be flowing at a normal speed. If the radar unit senses a change in the traffic or falls below a specific rate of speed. The PCMS will then read: SLOW TRAFFIC AHEAD.

If traffic comes to a complete stop or is moving at a “snail’s pace”, the radar will then relay this information to the portable changeable message sign. The sign will then automatically display a message similar to: STOPPED TRAFFIC AHEAD.

As this traffic queueing is happening near the PCMS, the PCMS will then send an automated text alerting the traffic control person who is in charge or the Traffic Management Center. Sometimes this alert will require that the PCMS be moved or relocated and another measure can be used for more extensive traffic queueing.


QMS 2000 Intelligent Queue Monitoring SystemsOur second model for intelligent work zones is our QMS2000. This system offers an additional PCMS along with a modem to the already existing QMS1000 system. With this upgraded system the user will be able to have more flexibility for the messages and alerts that can be shown to roadway users.

Using The QMS2000

Using the QMS2000 is very similar to using the QMS1000. We created both intelligent work zone systems to be easy to use for anyone. We know that you will love utilizing two message boards to inform motorists of any upcoming traffic changes or delays. For example: Your first portable changeable message sign will read STOPPED TRAFFIC AHEAD and then your second PCMS will show PREPARE TO STOP to motorists. With our QMS2000 the radar system is mounted to one of the PCMSs and will be able to show roadway users any expected travel delay times. With this system, the message boards are able to show messages like EXPECT 30 MIN. DELAY. Additional message boards and arrow boards can be added as necessary. All of this information can be programmed and good to go with just the flip of a switch.

Each of our intelligent work zone systems, the QMS1000 and the QMS2000 can be easily incorporated into an ITS system like, Traffic Responsive Systems. Not only will this be a more comprehensive switch but the systems can also be used as a temporary replacement for sensors and CMSs.

Queue Monitoring Systems Available For Rent!

Queue Monitoring Systems Available For Rent!

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Why You Should Use Intelligent Queue Monitoring Systems

textEven though traffic signs and stencils are always an affordable and reliable option if you need to inform motorists of work zones, sometime an intelligent work zone system is the better option. Queue Monitoring Systems allow the user to preprogram messages into the board or boards. Not only can specific messages be displayed, but you can inform motorists of real time traffic delays and the current flow of traffic, almost immediately.

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Whether you need an intelligent work zone system or other construction zone services like custom traffic signs, cones, hard road barricades and more, California Traffic Safety has you covered for all of your construction and work zone needs. Not only do we sell all of our industry standard equipment, we also rent it out for smaller one time-type projects. Browse our catalog to see our full product list, here. In the neighborhood? Located at 835 57th St. in Sacramento, CA. We are centrally located for you to pick up any order easily. We also happily deliver all our quality products straight to your jobsite! Contact us today, to get the ball rolling on your next project.