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We are a fully licensed C-31 contractor. This means we can provide traffic control for any project, from side-street to multi-lane highways closures.


Starting before our professional team steps foot on your jobsite - we are able to offer full development of all your traffic control plans in house! Call us today to get your quote.


Our crews are veterans of traffic safety. All of our traffic control technicians and flaggers are highly-trained and certified, with many having more than a decade of experience.


All of our closures are done on time and right the first time, no matter how big the project. On top of that, our team is trained and recognized for their safety standards.

Your Project, Our Team

We strive to make your traffic control project as easy for you as possible. Take a breather and let us do all the work! In our full package, we design the traffic control plans, get them approved, and carry them out with our professional and seasoned team.

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We design traffic control plans with industry standard software, and an experienced and dedicated mindset for safety.

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Once plans are finished, we get them approved, permitted, and we prepare our team with all necessary equipment for the job.

stockton traffic control equipment rental

Our veteran team arrives on site when you need them, no matter what time of day - always ready and alert.

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Rental & Sales Products For Traffic Control

iTraffic Systems - Queue Monitoring Systems

If you need an effective means by which to inform drivers and pedestrians of upcoming traffic conditions, our Queue Monitoring Systems are the ideal product. These are intelligent work zone systems that can both inform and direct people according to the conditions of upcoming work zones, accident scenes, and more. These systems have been designed specifically for traffic areas and work zones that see changes on a regular basis. Sure, you could buy or rent a variety of signs for these areas and change them out manually at the appropriate time, but our Queue Monitoring Systems will automatically do the work for you.

Queue Monitoring incorporates “turnkey” systems that is accessible and easy to understand. With pre-programmed work zone systems at your disposal, you can rest assured that drivers and pedestrians are staying informed as to upcoming conditions and focus the rest of your energy on the project at hand.


Stockton Equipment Rental
If you only require one PCMS (Portable Changeable Message Sign), this is the ideal equipment rental product for you. The QMS1000 and the trailer mounted arrow board incorporate a radar system and modem. It can monitor traffic as it approaches a designated area and then display pre-programmed messages based on the behavior of the traffic. For example, if traffic is flowing normally, the QMS1000 can read ROAD WORK AHEAD. If traffic begins to slow down, it can read SLOW TRAFFIC AHEAD. Once the message has been displayed to traffic, it can be sent via text to the traffic control person or the Traffic Management Center.


Stockton Equipment Rental
This equipment rental product is very similar to the QMS1000, as both are easy to use and can alert traffic via automated text. This includes an additional message board and a modem to the QMS1000, offering more of a flexible way to inform motorists of upcoming traffic conditions. The first message may read STOPPED TRAFFIC AHEAD while the next one can read PREPARE TO STOP. There are plenty of conditions in which two message boards would be ideal, and the QMS2000 can fulfill that need. It can also assess traffic flow and display expected travel delay time. Messages like EXPECT 30 MIN. DELAY can be programmed and displayed to traffic at appropriate times. Additional message and arrow boards can be incorporated if necessary.

Both the QMS1000 and the QMS2000 can be incorporated into an ITS system such as Traffic Response Systems. They can also be used as a temporary replacement for sensors and CMSs.

Traffic Control Service

Flagger Joe

This is one of the most convenient equipment rental products we offer. It was created to be long-lasting and is ideal for long-term operations in areas that are high in temperature and low in visibility. It is easy to set up, store, and put away after its use. Flagger Joe is Crash Tested and Caltrans Approved. It will:

  • Increase flagger visibility
  • Reduce flagger fatigue by providing plenty of shade

With Flagger Joe, you can stay in compliance with CAL-OSHA Heat Illness Prevention Guidelines. Expect the following features:

  • Flagger Joe Safety Sign System Umbrella dimensions : 68” W x 68” D x 125” H
  • Carton Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Rolling Base requires a 40 lb base or sandbag
  • Umbrella detaches for high wind/weather conditions
  • 18” or 24” Reflective Slow/Stop signs

Rumble Strips

We offer Caltrans-approved rumble strips as part of our equipment rental product line. These are a requirement on all Caltrans Revised Standard Plan T13 flagging operations if the posted speed reaches above 45 miles per hour. The RoadQuake IIF™ Portable Transverse Rumble Stips are very easy to set up and transport as they do not require any nails, glue, or adhesive products for their installation. They will align perfectly with the road’s surface, allow you to place or move them in no time. 

Our rumble strips inform motorists through a combination of audial and physical stimulus, alerting them if they are veering into forbidden or dangerous areas, or to alert them of upcoming changes in road conditions. 

Our rumble strips can also incorporate a number of accessories such as:

  • ROAD (Rumble Strip Organization And Deployment) WARRIOR
  • CRIB Storage and deployment device

Portable Barricades

We offer a wide variety of portable barricades in our line of rental equipment. These are fantastic devices for both alerting drivers and directing them along designated routes, and many of them can be used to absorb the impact of vehicles and safely redirect them away from workers and pedestrians.

SLED™ Crash Cushion

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SLED stands for Sentry Longitudinal Energy Dissipater. It is a non-redirective gating crash cushion and is designed for shielding at the end of plastic, steel, or concrete portable barrier shapes both permanent and temporary.

  • FHWA Accepted for Shielding the Blunt End of Concrete, Steel and Water Filled Barriers.
  • Quick and Easy Set-Up, No Foundation Anchoring, Minimized Installation Exposure Time.
  • Cost Effective End Treatment for Concrete, Steel or Water Filled Barriers.
  • Universal Transition Quickly and Easily Attaches to a Variety of Barrier Shapes and Sizes.
  • SLED’s Stout Design Virtually Eliminates Vaulting.
  • Narrow Footprint is Ideal for Work Zones or Roads with Minimal Shoulder Spacing.
  • Shortest Length TL-3 Water Filled Crash Cushion, Fewer Incidental Impacts.
  • Containment Impact SLED Minimizes Debris Field.
  • Visual “Drive By” Fill Indicators Quickly Verify Water Module’s are Properly Filled.
  • FHWA Accepted for Use in Uni- and Bi-directional Applications.
  • International Steel Cables Help Envelope Vehicle After an Impact, Creating a Truly “Limited Gating” System.

Weight Empty: 995 lbs.

Filled: 6,505 lbs.

Length: 25’3”

Width: 22.5” Height:42”

Speed Rating: 62 MPH

CrashGard® Sand Barrel Systems

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This is a non-redirective, gating sand barrel made up of a barrel, lid, and insert. This product accommodates all weight requirements.

  • Designed for use in posted speed limits from 25-70 MPH (Contact us for other speeds) See our CrashGard Product Guide for recommended design arrays by speed limit.
  • Withstands minor impacts during routine handling.
  • Designed for easy transport.
  • Barrels nest easily for convenient storage.
  • UV stabilizers maximum product life, Color-stable pigments resist fading.

We tested CrashGard Sand Barrel System to NCHRP-350 Tests 3-40 through 3-44, at Test Level 3.CrashGard passed all applicable tests and is certified to 62 MPH (100 kph) to ensure effective performance and compliance.

Designed for 4’ and 6’ wide retroreflective sheeting.

Retroreflective sheeting meets all state and federal specifications. Available in Engineer, Hi-Intensity and Fluorescent grades.

Type I and Type II Barricade

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  • Available in 8” Plywood & 12” Plastic.
  • 2’ Wide and 4’ Tall.
  • EG or Hi-Intensity Grade Sheeting.
  • Galvanized Steel Legs.
  • Meets MUTCD Standards.
  • Caltrans Approved.

Type III Barricade

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  • Available in 4’ Plywood.
  • Angle Iron Leg Support.
  • EG or Hi-Intensity Grade Sheeting.
  • Galvanized Steel Uprights.
  • Meet MUTCD Standards.
  • Caltrans Approved.

Pedestrian Barricade

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  • 7’ Length, 3.5’ Wide
  • Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel.
  • Hooks Together to Form Linked Barrier System.
  • Portable and Durable.

SafetyRail® ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade

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This meets ADA Guidelines and MUTCD 2009 Edition Standards as a longitudinal channelizer and sidewalk closure.

  • Smooth, continuous upper surface for safer hand-trailing.
  • Long cane users can tap confidently. Space between bottom and ground is less than 2”; reduces potential for trapped cane tips.
  • Accepts pedestrian aids like warning lights and audible information devices.
  • Retroreflective sheeting helps guide pedestrians safely walk through work zones.
  • Flat vertical surface (the front, as shown) eliminates obstacles, like those found in most barricades.

Versatile Design Provides Safe, Continuous Guidance for Pedestrians.

SafetyRail and Wave are made from HDPE plastic (high density polyethylene) with UV inhibitors.

SafetyRail FHWA Accepted Letter: WZ-173 & 244

SafetyRail is an NCHRP-350, test Level 3 Device.

SafetyWall™ ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade

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Offers accessible work zones and more safety to pedestrians.

  • Smooth, continuous upper surface for safer hand-trailing.
  • Long cane users can tap confidently. Space between bottom and ground is less than 2”; reduces potential for trapped cane tips.
  • Accepts pedestrian aids like warning lights and audible information devices.
  • Retroreflective sheeting helps guide pedestrians safely through work zones.
  • Flat vertical surface (the front, as shown) eliminates obstacles, like those found in most barricades.

SafetyWall ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barrier complies with MUTCD standards as well as ADA Guidelines.

SafetyWall is an interlocking device.

Made from HDPE plastic (high density polyethylene) with UV inhibitors, for longer life.

FHWA Acceptance Letter WZ-315.

TrafFix™ Water-Wall Water-Filled Barrier

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A water-wall barrier that is strong and durable. Great for side protection and as a temporary crash barrier system.

  • Durable polyethylene plastic minimizes cracking and breaking.
  • Molded through holes eliminate bowing when filled with water.
  • Double wall knuckles design minimizes breakage at hinge points.
  • Hinge design allows for a 30° pivot between sections.
  • Large 8” fill hole speeds filling process, includes twist-lock plastic cap.
  • New tamper resistant, corner offset drain plug with course buttress thread.
  • Includes one steel connection pir that allows sections to be locked together.
  • Forklift/Pallet Jack slots at bottom allow for easy movement and transport.

The Water-Wall can easily connect to SLED end treatment, negating the need to shield or flare the barrier’s end. This is an economical and easy to install crash barrier system.

Weight Empty: 80 lbs.

Filled: 1,110 lbs.

Length: 6’

Width: 18”

Height: 32”

Material: Linear Low Density Polyethylene