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Stockton Equipment Rentals For Roadside Construction And Work Zone Safety

equipment rentals stockton

When it comes to construction projects, especially those located on the side of the road or in high traffic areas, there are few things as important for worker and pedestrian safety than traffic control equipment. And while many companies have their own products on hand, some require our Stockton equipment rentals for rare or one-time projects, or when their product supply is simply too low to handle certain projects.

California Traffic Safety provides virtually any form of equipment you need to rent in order to have an efficient and safe work zone, or for any other event that might require traffic control.

Construction, Safety, and Traffic Cones

These products are great for controlling traffic flow, helping to separate or merge lanes, redirect traffic, and keep people out of forbidden areas. These products can also be used simply to separate different areas of a work zone, or to separate one work zone from another.


Our Stockton equipment rental inventory includes temporary arrow top delineators featuring 12 pound bases. We offer these in:

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Orange

Barrier Tape

This is a highly affordable and convenient way of blocking off traffic to any given area. This product will prevent people from entering areas such as:

  • Work Zones
  • Closed Areas
  • Dangerous Areas
  • Forbidden Areas
  • Areas where vehicles are forbidden

This is the ideal product for short-term use. Our barrier tape will help ensure the safety of pedestrians, drivers, and workers.

Temporary Traffic Lights

These are some of the most important products we have in our Stockton equipment rental inventory. Temporary traffic lights are ideal for:

  • Emergency back-ups when a permanent light has been damaged or is undergoing repairs
  • Bridge repair
  • One-lane work zones

And any other event that requires temporary traffic control.

Transverse Rumble Strips

These are a great way of alerting drivers if they are moving into an off-limits area by transmitting sound and vibration into the vehicles. Our transverse rumble strips are easy to set up, move, and put away.

Portable Arrow & Message Boards

Our boards are mobile and easy to set up. We offer full and mini size, Caltrans-approved, full matrix, 3-line, and solar powered changeable message boards to direct the flow of traffic and alert drivers to upcoming conditions. We also offer arrow boards, including Vehicle Mount Arrow Boards, Trailer Arrow Boards with 25 lights, Speed Trailers, Temporary Signals, and more!

Traffic Control Signs

Our line of Stockton equipment rentals wouldn’t be complete without a comprehensive inventory of traffic control signs. We provide:

equipment rentals stockton

Construction Barricades

These are some of the most important and effective products you can have to ensure the safety of drivers, workers, and pedestrians. We offer barricades that will maintain an orderly traffic flow and absorb impacts. Our barricades are comprised of high quality, durable materials, and they are made to be highly visible both day and night.

Whether it’s roadside construction, a concert, or any other kind of event, our construction barricades will keep people safe.