Rental Barricades

We provide a wide variety of rental barricades in Stockton. Barricades are one of the most important aspects of any construction site. These are crucial for maintaining order, traffic flow, and the safety of both drivers and workers alike. When it comes to ensuring and maintaining a safe work zone, nothing is quite as important as proper barricades. At California Traffic Safety, you don’t have to buy barricades for a one time project. Instead we offer rental barricades for use in Stockton for the duration of your project, which is a much wiser and more cost effective option. The various barricades we have available for rent are comprised of quality materials, and are made to be highly visible. Whether it’s roadside construction, traffic control at a party or event, or for any other purpose, our rental barricades in Stockton are both efficient and cost-effective.

Unsure what your project is going to need? Give us a call! Our crew is extremely experienced in both planning and executing traffic control plans in alignment with CALTRANS and MUTCD standards.

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