Rental Transverse Rumble Strips

Our rental transverse rumble strips will alert drivers to changing conditions by transmitting sound and vibration into their vehicles. This is also a crucial part of helping ensure both driver and worker safety by limiting run-off-road crashes. Our RoadQuake IIF™ Portable Transverse Rumble Strips are Caltrans approved. These rumble strips are a requirement for all Caltrans Revised Standard Plan T13 flagging operations in locations where posted speeds exceed 45 miles per hour. Installation requires no nails, no adhesives, and no glue! RoadQuake will conform to the road’s surface, allowing users to both install and remove them with ease

Unsure what your project is going to need? Give us a call! Our crew is extremely experienced in both planning and executing traffic control plans in alignment with CALTRANS and MUTCD standards.

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