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Stockton Signs and Equipment Rentals for Traffic Control

Traffic is a simple fact of life that we all have to deal with. In Stockton, signs and equipment rentals are increasingly important with our growing infrastructure and the resulting increase in traffic. Roadside construction projects and work zones of all kinds are a common occurrence, and in order to complete these tasks, there needs to be adequate traffic control measures put in place to protect workers, pedestrians, and drivers alike.

Fortunately, California Traffic Safety offers everything you need.

Stockton Signs

Stockton Signs

If you’re looking for a sign shop, Stockton is the place to be. Our facility is rife with a large collection of commonly required signs, and we can get them to you in virtually no time. Any common sign that you need, we probably have it or can get our hands on it, and will have it to you as soon as possible.

ADA Signs

All of our ADA signs are made in compliance with all regulations set forth by the Americans With Disabilities Act. What sets these signs apart is that they’re made for maximum visibility both day and night, so that people with impaired vision can see them as well as possible. They are also made to be read through tactile touch via braille. Our many Stockton signs of the ADA variety include:

  • Restroom signs
  • Handicap Parking signs
  • Fine signs
  • Safety Signs of all kinds
  • Informational signs
  • Custom ADA signs

Regulatory Signs

We offer a number of Stockton signs made specifically for regulations. The following signs are all made in strict conformity with ADA regulations and the California DOT:

  • Weight Limit signs
  • Truck Routes and Truck Speed Limit signs
  • One Way Signs
  • Lane Control Signs
  • Passing and Slow Traffic Lane Signs
  • Parking, Yielding, and Stop Signs
  • Speed Limit Signs

Warning Signs

Stockton Signs

If certain road conditions are approaching that drivers need to take into consideration, or some form of dangerous weather is common in upcoming areas, we have the Stockton signs you need. These include:

  • Wildlife Warning signs
  • Road Width signs
  • Signs indicating road surface conditions
  • Weather Warning signs
  • Traffic Control Notices
  • Intersection Signs
  • Curve with Speed Advisory signs
  • Truck Rollover Warning signs
  • Advance Traffic Control signs
  • Lanes and Merges signs
  • Road Width Restrictions signs
  • Divided Highways signs
  • Hills and Grades signs

Temporary Traffic Control Signs

Maybe you need signs specifically for a temporary basis, while ongoing road work is being performed, or a temporary work zone is in place. These are some of the most important places that require temporary traffic control signs. We offer:

  • Roads Under Construction signs
  • Beginning of Work and End of Work signs
  • Utility and Maintenance Work signs
  • Road Work signs
  • Incident Management signs

Banners and Project Signs

We offer many different banners and project signs meant for weddings, funerals, family get-togethers, and other events that may require traffic control. These signs can be comprised of the following materials:

  • Banners – Gloss, Matte, Full Color Digital, Hemmed, Grommets
  • Project Signs – Plywood, Coroplast, Aluminum, Full Color Digital

Custom Stockton Signs

Stockton Signs

If you need custom signs, Stockton has seen the creation of many unique ones from our Sign Shop. We can do this using our custom CNC router, which allows us to create virtually any sign shape imaginable, as well as any design, logo, message, or symbol that you need. Simply let us know what it is you need, or send us an image and we will get right to work on creating it for you.

Stockton Rental Equipment

A “project” is generally considered something to be completed – something temporary. For that, you probably don’t need to purchase a whole lot of equipment. Rather, you can rely on our line of rental equipment, from which there are many different products to choose from.

Portable Barricades

Our barricades are valuable for the following reasons:

Stockton Signs and Equipment Rentals for Traffic Control
  • They are durable and reliable, able to absorb the impact of vehicles and redirect them away from workers and pedestrians. This is highly valuable for the driver, the workers, and the pedestrians all at once.
  • They are easy to set up, move, and tear down after the job is done.

Our barricades range from standard Type 1 and Type 2 Barricades (simple wooden and metal structures with orange and white stripping meant for controlling the flow of traffic) to large Crash Cushions and Water-Filled Barriers meant to protect against car accidents.

No matter what scale your roadside construction work zone project might be – small, medium, or large – we have what you need for the appropriate safety measures.

Construction, Safety, and Traffic Cones

These are an ideal way of controlling the flow of traffic to or away from certain areas. They can be used to merge lanes, separate lanes, direct traffic alongside work zones, and to separate various areas within work zones, keeping the whole place organized.


These are temporary arrow top delineators with 12 pound bases, and come in white, yellow, or orange. They’re one of the most common forms of Stockton rental equipment we offer for maintaining work zone safety and regulating the flow of traffic.

Barrier Tape

This is easy to put up and durable enough to withstand many weather conditions. It is a convenient and non-intrusive way of keep both foot and vehicle traffic out of various areas.

Temporary Traffic Lights

These are ideal for one-lane work zones, bridge repair, special events, and for use as emergency back-up traffic lights while the old ones are being repaired for replaced.

Transverse Rumble Strips

This is one of the most convenient and creative inventions for alerting drivers that they are veering into forbidden or unsafe territory. They are simply portable strips that can be laid out along various terrains, and alert drivers when they are driving on them with sudden vibrations throughout the vehicle. They alert drivers through a combination of sound and physical vibrations in the body.

The Importance of Stockton Rental Equipment and Signs for Traffic Control

Stockton Signs

Not only is traffic control imperative for the safety of person and property, it’s also necessary for our city and infrastructure to grow, and to be maintained, so that traffic doesn’t come to a grinding halt. We all might detest slow traffic, and sometimes it’s the result of traffic control signs, equipment, and barricades. However, without these products to keep everyone safe, the necessary work and maintenance could not be accomplished, and then no one would be traveling anywhere.

When you choose our traffic control rental equipment and signs in Stockton, you can have peace of mind knowing that safety has been maximized as much as possible.