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Stockton Traffic Control EquipmentStockton, California has long been a comfortable middle-sized city with wonderful financial growth, exceeding the national average economic rate of development, and even better job prospects nestled comfortably between San Fransisco and Sacramento. Settled in this fiscally fertile valley it’s no surprise that the rate of growth has been so aggressive here in Stockton, but as we continue to grow so does the culture of commuting and our dependence on the automobile. Stockton is a leading city in the United States when it comes to commuting with nearly 90% of all commuters relying on automobiles for their daily transportation, also making Stockton one of the most dangerous places to drive.

Traffic Deaths

Since 2015 Stockton has exceeded the average number of traffic deaths annually in California, with an average of 9.7 deaths per 100K people. Making Stockton the 3rd worst place to drive in California according to During the same period of time crashes that occurred inside of work zones had increased by 3% while the total number of crashes has decreased by just over 1% as reported by the Federal Highway Administration.

Accident Mitigation

The need for stronger efforts to increase traffic safety and driver awareness has been made quite apparent. Our mission here at California Traffic Safety is to increase both driver and worker safety, reducing both the chance of injury and fatality in the event of an accident and restricting the number of accidents by increasing visibility and driver awareness. Our wide range of products and services all stem around this mission, with our work zone signs, traffic control equipment, barriers, custom sign shop, ADA approved signs, and banners, we are here to keep Stockton safe.

Work Zone Signs

Stockton Traffic Control EquipmentWe carry and create the highest quality work zone signs available with high visibility reflectors, LED traffic signs, and ease of setting up and taking down, you can effectively communicate to drivers exactly what to expect, day or night, drastically increasing the of time drivers have to react to changes in traffic patterns and other unanticipated changes that occur in work zones, and proving to be an effective method of decreasing drivers rate of speed, creating a safer work environment for you and your crew. We also provide all the hardware and equipment needed to mount and securely fasten your traffic signage to prevent unintentional movement due to high winds and traffic creating additional road hazards.

Traffic Control Equipment

Our inventory of Stockton traffic control equipment includes but is not limited to the basic traffic cones, but also includes:

  • Butyl Pads
  • Epoxy
  • Adhesives
  • Bituminous (Quick Sticks)
  • Delineators
  • Channelizer Drums
  • Arrow Boards
  • Glue Down Channelizers
  • Pavement Markers.

All of which are the highest quality ensuring once again the safety and security of your work zone. Our channelizer drums are specially designed to prevent rolling in the event of a collision with a vehicle, The arrow boards have been proven to drastically reduce driver speed and increase awareness at night, and all adhesives will hold your signs or cones in place for as long as is necessary.


Stockton Traffic Control EquipmentOur traffic control shop provides complete service offering all ADA approved barriers carrying both standard barricade equipment including:

  • Type I, II, and III Barricades
  • Pedestrian and Crowd Control Barricades
  • Cone Bars
  • Water Wall Barricades
  • Airport Barricades

As well as a full supply of crash cushions and attenuators!

  • SCORPION® – Trailer Mounted and Truck Mounted Crash Attenuators
  • Compressor™ – Self-restoring, Permanent Attenuators
  • CrashGard™ – Sand Filled Barrels
  • SLED™ – Caltrans approved TL-3, TL-2 In-Line Alternative Crash Cushion

Protect your investments and equipment even further by letting us protect you.

Custom Sign Shop

The custom sign shop is yet another way we are striving to keep you and your crew safe. Using our state of the art CNC router we can make signs of almost any size in a plethora of materials including but not limited to:

  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • PVC
  • Sign Foam
  • Chemical Metal

Our expert craftsmen will make signs that are simple, and effectively communicate your special requirements while still conforming to all federal regulations regarding size, font style, colors, reflectability, margins, and spacing. 

Rentals and Services

At California Traffic Safety we strive to be a full-service shop providing a plethora of additional services and ways we can be there for you to make your job easier, including Rentals, Traffic control contractors, and an experienced team of traffic controllers to handle planning your traffic control needs, approval of the plan and necessary permit acquisition, and set up, take down, or maintenance at any time of the day or night. If you’re looking to supply all this protection and safety equipment, but just don’t have or want to outlay all that cash to purchase it outright, no worries! All the equipment offered for sale is available for rent, and even more! Add temporary traffic lights and barrier tape to the lineup. Contact us for help with your next project

Other Offerings and Services

We strive to provide safety and security outside of the world of Highway traffic control bringing clarity and control to your parking lot or future business as well through our offering of ADA-approved signs, Banners, And parking lot stencils.

ADA Approved Signs

Handicapped parking signOur Custom Sign Shop is capable of producing the highest quality ADA approved signs meeting and exceeding all requirements for visibility, readability, Glare, and Braille for use in a variety of applications including:

  • Custom ADA signs
  • Window inserts
  • Informational signs
  • Safety signs
  • Handicap Parking
  • Fine signs
  • Restroom signs

Provide a meaningful experience to many of your customers through careful attention to detail through the use of ADA-approved signs from our sign shop.


All our banners are made of full latex making them as durable and fade resistant as possible so whatever the occasion we provide the highest quality and longest-lasting banner you can trust. Whether it is a coming soon announcement for a business or a baby, or for a wedding we’ve got a banner for that. We offer many different design elements to ensure you get just the right one.

  • Hemmed
  • Grommet
  • Matte
  • Gloss
  • Full color digital


Our stencil collection will whip your parking lot or road right into shape with a full selection of standard stencils or fully custom stencils for use with both pavement paint or thermoplastic. All our stencils are made from aluminum .08” thick thermalized flat stock to help it lay as flat as possible keeping application as easy as possible, with minor modifications for paint or thermoplastic applications. We also offer plastic low density or high-density polyurethane stencils specially designed for your marking needs.