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Stockton Traffic Control

traffic control stocktonAt California Traffic Safety, we take traffic control very seriously. When it comes to roadside construction, work zone projects, or other events that require traffic control, nothing is more important than adequate traffic control signs and indicators. Failure to meet established traffic control standards can have fatal consequences, and we’re here to ensure the safety of workers, drivers, and pedestrians alike.

As a fully licensed C-31 contracting company, we offer traffic control for any project you might need, be it side-street or multi-lane highway enclosures. For all of your Stockton traffic control needs, California Traffic Safety has the products and services you can rely on.


We provide a wide range of traffic control signs from our Sign Shop. We have a number of commonly required signs on reserve, but if you need something a bit more specialized, we can create it and ship it out to you ASAP via our custom CNC router. No matter how unique or personalized your sign needs to be, you can count on us to create it.

Our traffic control signs include:

  • Custom Traffic Signs
  • Two-way Traffic Signs
  • Stop Signs
  • Safety Signs
  • Custom ADA Signs
  • Window Inserts
  • Informational Signs
  • Handicap Parking Signs
  • Fine Signs

And plenty more!

traffic control stocktonStencils

These are commonly seen on public roadways, private and public parking lots, driveways, and any other paved and concrete surface that require traffic control. Pavement marking stencils are essential for maintaining orderly, organized traffic, as they provide the visual indicators that drivers need.

We provide:

  • ADA Stencils: We provide stencils that are in full compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.
  • Aluminum Stencils: Our aluminum stencils are extremely durable, easy to clean, and long lasting. With our CNC router, we can create aluminum stencils that are cut to perfection, giving you the clear pavement markings you need.
  • Parking Lot Stencils: These are essential for maintaining order in your parking lot. We provide stencils that create Handicap Signs, Directional Arrows, Speed Limit Markers, Letter and Number Markers, Letter and Number Kits, Pedestrian Travel Legends, Reserved Parking Space Markers, Received and Unloading Lane Legends, Traffic Flow Instructions, Drive Thru Indicators, Fuel Station markers, Crosswalk markers, Fire Lane Markers, and more.
  • Road Stencils: We provide any road stencil you might need for roadway, highway, and interstate traffic control in Stockton. Our road stencils provide the information drivers need.

Traffic Control Systems

Our Stockton traffic control services include Traffic Control Plans. We can develop the plans you need for your next roadside construction project, work zone project, concert, wedding, or other event.

We offer:

  • Intelligent Work Zone Systems: These will inform motorists and pedestrians of upcoming traffic situations, including delays, construction projects, and other scenarios.
  • Traffic Control Service: We provide ways to improve traffic control, including Flagger Joe, Rumble Strips, and other traffic control devices.
  • Portable Barricades: Traffic control barricades were made to absorb the force of impact of vehicles. Our portable barricades are easy to set up and move, and are guaranteed to protect both drivers, workers, and pedestrians alike.