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The Consequences of Subpar Stockton Traffic Control

Nobody likes being held up in traffic, or rerouted during their daily commute, due to roadside construction or some other event that requires traffic control. It can make us late for our jobs, take longer to get home, and can lead to senseless road rage.

That said, you might be surprised that, without totally comprehensive traffic control during roadside construction, all of these problems would actually be greatly exacerbated, and further problems would also arise.

What Subpar Stockton Traffic Control Means For Roadside Construction

In the long run, the benefits of Stockton traffic control can be seen by our enhanced infrastructure. Again, we may complain about being held up in traffic, but without the necessary roadside construction projects to widen the roads and streamline traffic, our growing populations would lead to a perpetual state of traffic congestion.

During these construction projects, there are a few factors that take absolute precedence:

  • The safety of the workers
  • The safety of pedestrians
  • The safety of drivers

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All else is secondary, including the efficiency of the work. Without the necessary forms of traffic control to keep these areas safe, everyone risks life and limb. Consider an accident in which a worker is hit by a car. Not only do medical vehicles have to arrive as quickly as possible, but so do law enforcement vehicles. A highly controlled area has to be closed off for the medical and legal proceedings that commence.

If you thought traffic was slow due to roadside traffic control, you’d be amazed how held up you would be over a potentially fatal accident.

In this way, traffic control actually speeds up the flow of traffic which would otherwise be at a virtual standstill.

What Subpar Stockton Traffic Control Means For Fuel Consumption And Pollution

Stockton equipment rentalsWhen the traffic control in any given area isn’t streamlined, we suffer due to fuel expenses. The environment suffers as well.

The reason is that all of the sudden stops and starts that come with traffic congestion use up far more fuel than driving at a steady pace. It requires more fuel to suddenly burst forward with energy, rather than maintaining a constant speed. Not only is this draining your gas tank, but it also increases fuel emissions, further contributing to the amount of pollution in the air.

How Traffic Problems Lead To Road Rage

We’ve all heard of it and it’s a rare person who’s never experienced it. What makes road rage so dangerous is the fact that it happens in a rare instance where we’re close to the person who is making us upset, while also removed from that person at the same time. We’re safe inside our own vehicles, and thus our rage doesn’t seem to have as much social consequence. This causes us to indulge in our anger and behave irrationally. The major problem is that the consequences of our actions in these instances can be far worse than social – they can be elevated to a life or death situation.

In these times, people are likely to aggressively speed around someone, tail them far too closely in a display of intimidation, and cut someone off. It isn’t unusual for road rage incidents to induce actual physical confrontations when people are driven to the point of leaving their vehicles.

How California Traffic Safety Solves The Problem Of Subpar Traffic Control Through Stockton Equipment Rental Services

Traffic Control In StocktonHaving been dedicated to traffic control for so many years, we know what it takes to keep a roadside construction project safe and efficient. Through our Stockton equipment rentals, we will not only ensure the safety of workers, drivers, and pedestrians, we’ll also streamline your project as well as the flow of traffic around it.

Here is what we provide:

  • Construction, Safety, and Traffic Cones – These will allow you to separate or merge lanes, and keep traffic flowing alongside or away from roadside construction projects. They are also fantastic for separating various areas of a work zone. These cones are made to be highly visible both day and night and are available in 28” or 18” reflective and non-reflective materials.
  • Delineators – These are temporary arrow top delineators that feature 12-pound bases. We offer them in orange, white, and yellow. These are a fast and efficient way of regulating traffic flow.
  • Barrier Tape – This is a quick way of blocking off areas in which traffic is forbidden. This also blocks off pedestrian traffic. Our barrier tape is made to be very visible. When people see it, they’ll know immediately what it means.
  • Temporary Traffic Lights – Our Stockton rental equipment services wouldn’t be complete without temporary traffic lights, which are essential for projects such as one-lane work, bridge repair, and other major projects.
  • Transverse Rumble Strips – These can be put down easily and will alert drivers that they are entering a forbidden area through both sound and physical stimuli. These create vibrations in a car that will wake anyone up!
  • Traffic Control Signs – All of our traffic control signs are made to be in full compliance with California DOT and ADA regulations. We offer signs indicating yield, stop, one way, speed limit divided highway, lane control, passing lane, slow traffic, and plenty more. We have plenty of these on reserve at our Sign Shop and can get them out to you in no time. We can also create virtually any sign you might need via our custom CNC router. Just explain what you need, or send an image via email, and we’ll get right to work.
  • Construction Barricades – This is one of the most common and important Stockton equipment rental products we provide. These will absorb the force of vehicle impact and redirect vehicles away from workers and pedestrians. They are also easy to set up, tear down, and transport. Our construction barricades are made of highly visible material, some of which were made specifically to withstand constant UV light exposure. People use our barricades for roadside construction projects, weddings, concerts, and even at airports.

Beyond merely providing Stockton equipment rentals, we can also fully develop traffic control plans for you. We are a fully licensed C-31 contractor, so we can provide you with comprehensive traffic control plans for virtually any location, including multi-lane highway closures and side streets. We can also help you execute these plans, ensuring that everything goes smoothly and efficiently. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced and can work as professional flaggers on your construction site.

Don’t settle for subpar traffic control that could lead to dangerous outcomes. Contact California Traffic Safety today for the best Stockton equipment rental services you can find!